Alameda County Real Estate Report: Insider Tips from a Local Expert on Buying Homes

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March 22, 2023
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There is a lot to consider when buying a home in Alameda County. But don’t worry! Our Alameda County real estate report is here to help.

Alameda County Real Estate Report

Overview of the Alameda County Real Estate Market

The median price for single-family homes showed a 0.0% change in January 2023. However, compared to last year, there was a 14.8% decrease in the price.

Home sales for single-family detached homes increased by 32.8% YoY. The median time on the market is 43 days, an increase of 21.8% MoM and 132.4% YoY.

Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Alameda County

You might want to know the most desirable neighborhoods if you plan to move to Alameda County. These include:

  • Berkeley: It is popular for its cultural diversity, excellent schools, and lively downtown area.
  • Oakland Hills: This area is known for its beautiful homes, great schools, and access to nature and outdoor recreation.
  • Pleasanton: Located in the East Bay, Pleasanton offers a small-town feel with good schools. It has a charming downtown area and nice parks.
  • Alameda: This island city in the Bay offers a relaxed, coastal lifestyle, historic homes, and excellent schools. Alameda also has easy access to San Francisco.
  • Fremont: This is the region’s fourth-largest city. It is also within commuting distance of Silicon Valley.

Insider Tips for Buying and Selling Real Estate in Alameda County

Being a first-time homebuyer can feel overwhelming. Here are some insider tips to help you with the process.

  • Hiring a local real estate agent can give you a significant advantage. They possess extensive knowledge of the area and can guide you to the right homes.
  • Get pre-approval for a mortgage before starting your search. It will give you a better idea of how much you can afford. Having pre-approval will also make your offers more attractive to sellers.
  • The real estate market in Alameda County can be very competitive. Buyers should act fast when they find a home they like. Delaying your offer can result in losing out to other potential buyers.

The Bottom Line

Alameda County can be a great place to live, but the real estate market can be difficult to navigate on your own. Working with an experienced real estate professional will make the process easier.

Let Us Help You Buy a Home!

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