Arcus Homes was named to the Inc 500 list by the Inc Magazine. Billed as the “most exclusive club in business”, it’s the list of 500 fastest-growing private companies in America out of a total of estimated 6 million such companies.

The company is led by Shashank Shekhar who is a best-selling author, recipient of several industry awards and someone who gets frequently quoted in publications like The Washington Post, Financial Times, and Bankrate.com for his industry expertise.

Because of the integration of services with Arcus Lending, a highly admired mortgage company, both locally and nationally, working with Arcus Homes offers unique advantages whether you are buying or selling in Silicon Valley.

If you are selling, your property gets exposed to Arcus Lending’s pool of highly qualified already pre-approved buyers who might be looking for a property exactly like yours.

If you are buying, you can go from pre-approval to closing all under one roof with Arcus offering both the real estate and lending services. This offers unparalleled convenience and seamlessness in the process.

What’s even better is that when you work with Arcus for both Real Estate and Mortgage, we will offer you broker credit from our real estate commission which in most cases is enough to cover all non-recurring closing cost (basically, everything other than Property Taxes, Home Insurance Premiums, and HOA Dues).* Note that this is dependent on the property price since at very low home prices, the credit may not be enough to cover the closing cost.

Whether you are buying or selling in Silicon Valley, Schedule a consultation with us to see how we can either make your more money or save you more money.